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I live in Brisbane, Australia with my sister and our friends, I am fresh out of a very long term relationship and finding my place in the world as a single person. At the moment I am on a two month holiday with my best friend travelling through the US, I have also live in London and travelled around South East Asia. I have suffered from depression since I was about 14 and this is something I am managing well at the moment, however about a year and a half ago (at the end of my relationship) I started having panic attacks and have been diagnosed with anxiety, I really want to talk through the things that go on in my head in the hope that someone will relate to it and it will let them know they aren't the only ones feeling the way they do. I have also found writing all my craziness down helps we a lot.

Breaking A Limb Taught Me A Lot About My Mental Health

Article written for FYA published on 20th June 2017

Bali Holiday

Article published on on 6th March 2017

48 Hours in Rockhampton

Article written for published on 2nd February 2017

We are the Sound

Review of Alexisonfire's show in Brisbane on the 21st January, 2017.

Reelin’ in the Years

Fiction written for creative writing subject at University

The Girl on the Train

Major essay written for university

Marriage Equality

Persuasive oral written for university

Now I am Home

Memoir written for creative writing subject

Meshel Laurie

Biography for written for "Humans of Toowoomba" in creative writing subject

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