Recently I donned my converse high tops and black band shirt and joined countless others at Riverstage in Brisbane to see Alexisonfire. Now, heed my warning before you continue reading, Alexis are and will forever be, one of my favourite bands so this review is going to be nothing but positive and perhaps a little biased.

Bringing along another band from Canada; The Dirty Nil and being supported by Behind Crimson Eyes and The Getaway plan, this show was every ex scene kid’s (and I mean that in the most nostalgic, non derogatory way) dream.

Storming to the stage and bursting into the screamer George’s first line “All Right” in Drunks, Lover, Sinners and Saints and going straight into This could be anywhere in the World, the audience was instantly transported to the first time hearing the album Crisis and how those starting notes and screams get the blood pumping. This set was heavy on songs from Crisis which is undoubtedly the bands most popular album and made for some incredible sing along moments during songs such as We are the Sound and the slightly less chaotic Rough Hands.

Highlights came during the up tempo Boiled Frogs (because this is my absolute favourite song) and .44 Calibre Love Letter with the entire crowd yelling along. Dog’s Blood brought another goose bump inducing sing along with singer Dallas’ incredible vocals.

If I had to state a negative and I am only doing this to try to remain objective (not sure if it has worked though) it would be during The Northern in which Guitarist/singer Wade sings the refrain ‘oh Jordan, oh Jordan’. Other times I have seen this song performed and in the recorded version, this is done as a chorus with many people singing. On this night, Wade did it alone and whether because it was the end of the tour and his voice was struggling or just because he chose to, he took a low key in this part leaving it to fall a little flat instead of aiding to the huge crescendo that happens straight after this part. The only other negative that I have is that like every other time I have seen them, they didn’t play Side Walks when she Walks.  Upon googling I found a 2012 interview in which Dallas said that the band had never played Side Walks live. He states that this is because the drummer Jordan has never learned it so the band would have to go back and relearn it together.

This show was my forth time seeing Alexis, I saw them twice at Soundwave (RIP) and at their Melbourne show during their farewell tour. The first time I saw them at Soundwave was my first ever festival and their music has been a huge part of my life for many years. I still crank Crisis most workouts at the gym and memories of times spent listening to these songs will be etched in my mind forever. The farewell shows in 2012 felt like the band were there mostly because they felt they had to be and not because they had chosen to be. You could tell there was friction between members and although it was an incredible show, looking back now I can see that the mood that night was not as fun. This recent show however, you could sense the comradery and friendship and that this was five mates getting their band back together because they wanted to. I don’t know if Alexis are going to continue making music together in the future or if maybe that was the last time I will ever see them. As much as I want to keep seeing them for years to come, I know I was incredibly lucky to even get this show and if that’s my last one, I am happy to finish on such a high.